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A Division
x-Life Church (1)93.750-6-03-3W22-1
y-Grace Fellowship (2)84.6671 5-13-3W43-0
y-Faith Baptist Steel (3)84.6671 4-24-2W11-2
y-Harvest Church (4)75.5832 4-23-3L12-1
Open Arms Dynasty75.5832 3-34-2W11-2
Delmar Full Gospel210.1677 1-51-5L50-3
Parkside Covenant111.0838 1-50-6L21-2

B Division
x-Temple Baptist (1)131.929-7-06-1W113-0
y-Redeemer Church (2)113.7862 5-26-1W22-1
y-Open Arms Disciples (3)95.6434 5-24-3W63-0
y-Faith Baptist Iron (4)77.5006 5-22-5W11-2
Albany First Assemblies77.5006 5-32-4W12-1
King's Chapel68.4297 4-32-5L40-3
Abounding Grace Church212.14311 1-61-6W11-2
Victorious Life113.07112 1-60-7L70-3
Last Updated 08-20-2015

09-08-2015 Results
Life Church25Grace Fellowship23

08-31-2015 Results
Temple Baptist17Redeemer Church15

08-24-2015 Results
Redeemer Church10Open Arms Disciples7
Temple Baptist10Faith Baptist Iron2
Grace Fellowship22Faith Baptist Steel5
Life Church12Harvest Church6

08-20-2015 Results
Faith Baptist Iron7Victorious Life0

08-18-2015 Results
Open Arms Disciples17King’s Chapel11

08-17-2015 Results
Abounding Grace9King’s Chapel3
Open Arms Disciples9Faith Baptist Iron7

08-13-2015 Results
Open Arms Disciples7Victorious Life0

08-10-2015 Results
Life Church22Harvest Church21
Faith Baptist Steel14Parkside Covenant2
Open Arms Dynasty18Delmar Full Gospel3
Open Arms Disciples14Faith Baptist Iron12
Albany First Assemblies29Victorious Life21
Redeemer Church12King's Chapel11
Temple Baptist33Abounding Grace7

08-03-2015 Results
Harvest Church10Open Arms Dynasty2
Life Church23Delmar Full Gospel11
Grace Fellowship20Parkside Covenant5
Temple Baptist13King's Chapel9
Redeemer Church19Abounding Grace4
Open Arms Disciples17Albany First Assemblies13

07-27-2015 Results
Temple Baptist15Redeemer Church6
Harvest Church13Delmar Full Gospel4
Grace Fellowship8Faith Baptist Steel7
Life Church15Open Arms Dynasty4
King's Chapel13Abounding Grace11
Albany First Assemblies5Faith Baptist Iron4
Open Arms Disciples22Victorious Life18
Grace Fellowship25Faith Baptist Steel19

07-20-2015 Results
Parkside Covenant12Life Church6
Grace Fellowship22Delmar Full Gospel9
Faith Baptist Steel16Harvest Church6
Albany First Assemblies13King's Chapel10
Temple Baptist15Open Arms Disciples4
Redeemer Church13Victorious Life2
Faith Baptist Iron7Abounding Grace0

07-13-2015 Results
Albany First Assemblies23Redeemer Church21
Life Church14Faith Baptist Steel6
Open Arms Dynasty12Grace Fellowship11
Harvest Church14Parkside Covenant8
Open Arms Disciples21Abounding Grace16
Temple Baptist6Faith Baptist Iron1
King's Chapel25Victorious Life8

07-06-2015 Results
Harvest Church13Open Arms Dynasty4
Life Church16Delmar Full Gospel2
Temple Baptist10King's Chapel3
Redeemer Church8Abounding Grace0
Open Arms Disciples14Albany First Assemblies4
Faith Baptist Iron19Victorious Life4

06-29-2015 Results
Open Arms Dynasty13Faith Baptist Steel7
Delmar Full Gospel11Parkside Covenant10
Grace Fellowship21Life Church6
Victorious Life7Abounding Grace3
Redeemer Church17Faith Baptist Iron7
Temple Baptist17Albany First Assemblies12
Faith Baptist Steel19Open Arms Dynasty11

06-22-2015 Results
Grace Fellowship12Harvest Church10
Faith Baptist Steel22Delmar Full Gospel7
Open Arms Dynasty15Parkside Covenant9
Albany First Assemblies20Abounding Grace8
King's Chapel13Faith Baptist Iron5
Redeemer Church21Open Arms Disciples8
Temple Baptist8Victorious Life4

06-17-2015 Results
Grace Fellowship11Parkside Covenant2

06-15-2015 Results
Life Church13Harvest Church8
Open Arms Dynasty10Delmar Full Gospel8
Faith Baptist Steel21Parkside Covenant15
Temple Baptist13Abounding Grace6
Albany First Assemblies22Victorious Life5
Redeemer Church12King's Chapel7

06-01-2015 Results
Life Church20Open Arms Dynasty19
Harvest Church18Delmar Full Gospel9
Faith Baptist Iron24Albany First Assemblies5
Temple Baptist10Redeemer Church9

05-18-2015 Results
Faith Baptist Steel16Harvest Church11
Grace Fellowship17Delmar Full Gospel6
Life Church17Parkside Covenant4
King's Chapel33Albany First Assemblies8
Faith Baptist Iron11Abounding Grace8
Temple Baptist23Open Arms Disciples8
Redeemer Church33Victorious Life1

05-11-2015 Results
Faith Baptist Iron11Temple Baptist9
Faith Baptist Steel17Life Church9
Open Arms Dynasty13Grace Fellowship5
Harvest Church19Parkside Covenant7
Open Arms Disciples24Abounding Grace9
Redeemer Church22Albany First Assemblies4
King's Chapel23Victorious Life6

05-04-2015 Results
Life Church13Grace Fellowship6
Delmar Full Gospel12Parkside Covenant6
King's Chapel17Open Arms Disciples13
Abounding Grace18Victorious Life3
Redeemer Church8Faith Baptist Iron7
Temple Baptist22Albany First Assemblies4
Faith Baptist Steel19Open Arms Dynasty11

04-27-2015 Results
Albany First Assemblies12Abounding Grace11
Faith Baptist Steel27Delmar Full Gospel18
Harvest Church14Grace Fellowship6
Open Arms Dynasty8Parkside Covenant7
Redeemer Church16Open Arms Disciples10
Temple Baptist17Victorious Life0
Faith Baptist Iron7King's Chapel5

Please e-mail the Commissioner, Steve McClellan, with any questions.
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