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A Division
x-Oakwood Bible113.786-6-15-29-3W22-1
y-Grace Fellowship-B94.6921 1/25-24-27-4W11-2
y-Harvest Church86.5713 3-44-26-6W22-1
y-Calvary Tabernacle86.5713 5-23-46-6W12-1
Temple Baptist-A76.5383 1/24-23-45-6W22-1
Hoosic Valley Community68.4295 4-22-54-8L21-2
Grace Fellowship-A58.3855 1/23-32-44-7L21-2

B Division
x-Northway Church112.846-5-26-011-1W53-0
y-Faith Baptist95.6432 1/25-24-39-3L12-1
y-Our Savior's-1st Prebyterian77.5004 1/23-44-37-5W11-2
y-Cornerstone Christian77.5004 1/24-33-47-5L11-2
Temple Baptist-B410.2867 1/22-52-54-8W12-1
Victorious Life311.2148 1/20-73-43-9L70-3
River of Hope Fellowship113.07110 1/20-71-61-11L21-2
Last Updated 08-17-2007
x-clinched division
y-clinched playoff spot

08-15-2007 Results
Temple Baptist-A13Cornerstone Christian5
Our Saviorís-1st Pres.20River of Hope Fellowship16

08-13-2007 Results
Harvest Church14Grace Fellowship-B10
Hoosic Valley Community12Temple Baptist-A20
Northway Church12Faith Baptist9
Cornerstone Christian5Victorious Life2
Temple Baptist-B25River of Hope11
Calvary Tabernacle3Our Saviorís-1st Pres.2
Oakwood Bible10Grace Fellowship-A8
Oakwood Bible10Calvary Tabernacle8

08-10-2007 Results
Harvest Church10Hoosic Valley Community9

08-06-2007 Results
Grace Fellowship-B16Hoosic Valley Communityinn.
Oakwood Bible11Temple Baptist-A6
Calvary Tabernacle16Grace Fellowship-A11
Our Saviorís-1st Pres.8Faith Baptist18
River of Hope Fellowship15Victorious Life11
Cornerstone Christian6Northway Church15
Harvest Church16Temple Baptist-B7
Calvary Tabernacle5Hoosic Valley Community12
Oakwood Bible11Harvest Church12

07-30-2007 Results
Temple Baptist-A2Grace Fellowship-A27
Faith Baptist2Temple Baptist-B9
Our Saviorís-1st Pres.13Northway Fellowship21
River of Hope1Cornerstone Christian13
Grace Fellowship-B16Victorious Life9
Hoosic Valley Community3Oakwood Bible5
Calvary Tabernacle9Harvest Church7, 10 inn.

07-25-2007 Results
Temple Baptist-B5Cornerstone Christian9

07-24-2007 Results
Northway Church18Temple Baptist-B3

07-16-2007 Results
Grace Fellowship-B8Oakwood Bible4
Harvest Church13Grace Fellowship-A14
Calvary Tabernacle5Temple Baptist-A17
Northway Church12Victorious Life8
Temple Batist-B5Our Saviorís-First Pres.9
Cornerstone Christian7Faith Baptist8
Hoosic Valley Community23River of Hope Fellowship8

07-14-2007 Results
Our Saviorís-First Pres.17Victorious Life16

07-9-2007 Results
Faith Baptist25River of Hope Fellowship7

07-02-2007 Results
Grace Fellowship-A18Hoosic Valley Community7
Calvary Tabernacle7Grace Fellowship-B8
Harvest Church4Temple Baptist-A2
Temple Baptist-B12Victorious Life6
Faith Baptist15River of Hope14
Our Saviorís-1st Pres.16Cornerstone Christian14
Oakwood Bible16Northway Fellowship6

06-25-2007 Results
Grace Fellowship-B5Calvary Tabernacle11
Hoosic Valley Community15Grace Fellowship-A27
Temple Baptist-A7Harvest Church6
Northway Church21River of Hope Fellowship1
Victorious Life4Temple Baptist-B3
Cornerstone Christian15Our Saviorís-1st Pres.17
Oakwood Bible9Faith Baptist3

06-18-2007 Results
Temple Baptist-A11Oakwood Bible12
Hoosic Valley Community1Grace Fellowship-B16
Grace Fellowship-A4Calvary Tabernacle6
Faith Baptist6Cornerstone Christian12
Temple Baptist-B8Northway Church15
River of Hope Fellowship3Our Saviorís-1st Pres.10
Victorious Life3Harvest Church12

06-11-2007 Results
Oakwood Bible14Hoosic Valley Community17
Grace Fellowship-A7Temple Baptist-A13
Harvest Church20Calvary Tabernacle6
Temple Baptist-B1Faith Baptist7
River of Hope14Northway Church21
Victorious Life5Cornerstone Christian6
Our Saviorís Lutheran4Grace Fellowship-B19

05-21-2007 Results
Temple Baptist-A17Grace Fellowship-B18
Harvest Church10Oakwood Bible14
Hoosic Valley7Calvary Tabernacle18
Northway Church10Cornerstone Christian9
Our Saviorís-1st Pres.14Temple Baptist-B8
Victorious Life22River Of Hope17
Grace Fellowship-A6Faith Baptist5

05-14-2007 Results
Oakwood Bible28Grace Fellowship-A7
Grace Fellowship-B13Harvest Church11
Temple Baptist-A19Hoosic Valley5
Faith Baptist13Northway Church11
River of Hope8Temple Baptist-B9
Cornerstone Christian2Calvary Tabernacle7
Victorious Life7Our Saviorís-1st Pres.0

05-07-2007 Results
Oakwood Bible15Grace Fellowship-B10
Temple Baptist-A8Calvary Tabernacle10
Grace Fellowship-A4Harvest Church11
Faith Baptist19Our Saviorís-1st Pres.13
Victorious Life12Northway Church23
Cornerstone Christian21Temple Baptist-B19
River of Hope Fellowship4Hoosic Valley Community20

04-30-2007 Results
Grace Fellowship-B18Grace Fellowship-A16
Calvary Tabernacle11Oakwood Bible12
Hoosic Valley Community17Harvest Church16
Cornerstone Christian9River Of Hope Fellowship7
Northway Church14Our Saviorís Lutheran9
Faith Baptist11Victorious Life8
Temple Baptist-B5Temple Baptist-A19

Please e-mail the Commissioner, Steve McClellan, with any questions.
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