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About the Capital District Church Softball League Equipment Required
The Capital District Church Softball League (CDCSL) is an official Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Modified Pitch Men’s League and observes all ASA rules except for certain “league rule modifications” that are detailed in the “Rules” link. Fourteen regular season games will be played in 2018 on Mondays between April 30th and August 6th. No games are scheduled for May 29th. Rainouts will be automatically rescheduled for the second Thursday following the rained-out game (the Thursday following an August 6th rainout). Both Captains of the two affected teams can agree on another date for the make-up but must provide a specific alternative date to the Commissioner in order for the makeup to be moved from the auto-rescheduled date. The first round of the playoffs will be held on Monday August 13th. The League Championship Series (Best-of-3) will be held on Monday, August 20th, Monday, August 27th and Monday, September 3rd (if necessary). An alternate date for a needed Championship Game 3 can be agreed upon by both team Captain’s with the approval of the Commissioner. The Championship can be reduced to a single game at the discretion of the Commissioner, due to excessive rainouts, the number of teams in the league or for any other reason. The league schedule, number of regular season games and Championship format is subject to change. There is a list of illegal bats on the ASA web site.

All teams must have five NOCSAE approved batting helmets and a catchers mask with throat protector in order to play.

In addition, providing bases for the game are the responsibility of the home team. The league uses a standard thick rubber home plate, pitcher’s plate (rubber) and thick, bag style bases.

Team Fee Breakdown
Below is an estimated breakdown of how the annual entrance fee will be used. Any of the below amounts are subject to change at the discretion of the Commissioner.

$137 League Insurance Policy
  125 Web-site maintenance (www.cdcsl.com)
    67 Softballs (one dozen for regular season & playoffs)
    53 Trophies (for teams and individuals at season end)
    30 ASA fee (registration with the Amateur Softball Association)
    13 Administration (umpire travel fees, field fees and office supplies)
$425 Total Fee due at the Captain's Meeting

Umpires Fields/Insurance
As in years past, we will use ASA umpires from the Capital District Softball Umpires organization. Before each 2018 regular season game, each team will pay a single umpire $31. While only one umpire is utilized for regular season games, two are used for playoff games. The 2018 two-umpire (playoff) fee is $46 per team. Field location and directions are due to the commissioner as soon as they are known. Each church team must provide its own proof of insurance to its home field. The CDCSL or its Board of Directors does/do not arrange, recommend or approve of fields. The use, condition and insurance coverage of any field used for games is the responsibility of the team and the Sponsoring Church.

Please e-mail the Commissioner, Steve McClellan, with any questions.
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